Oi Dipnoi & Saucējas: new song and animation video crowdfunding

Maģa, maģa ābelēna (very little apple tree)

Latvian traditional singing group Saucējas & Sicilian ethno music trio Oi Dipnoi met in studio for the very first time to produce a single and an ambitious music animation video with Sicilian Berlin based illustrator Chiara Ciccarello

The song will be included in the compilation Sviests VIII, released in June 2019 by The Culture Management Centre Lauska. It includes well-known groups such as Iļģi and Auļi with their new projects, but also unheard voices and new players in this field. This time there are a number of pieces that include international co-operations between Latvians and musicians from near and far countries. This compilation SVIESTS is featuring the most actual groups and music projects in the field of Postfolklore in Latvia.

Link for donations: gf.me/u/vt32j8

What you get:

  • 1 compilation CD “Sviests VIII”, released in June 2019 by The Culture Management Centre Lauskam incuding ​the song “Maģa, maģa ābelēna” perfromed​ by Saucējas & Oi Dipnoi.
  • 1 T-shirt “Maģa, maģa” color​ black, size: XXL, XL, L, M, S, XS
  • Your name on the credits of animation video Maģa, maģa ābelēna

Song released in June 2019

Video out in December 2019

Concert performed in Sicily in December 2019

Thanks for supporting us!