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 OI DIPNOI international tour 2018-2019                                                                                                                                 16-27 January, Chile ......... 13-20 May, Korea
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Here are embeddable players to our albums with links to the main music stores: Bastrika (2015) - Pontos (2018)



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Dipnoi are living fossils, an order of prehistoric fish that have vestiges of rudimentary lungs: during periods of drought, adapting to the environment, they take refuge in small, moist burrows and can breathe atmospheric oxygen. This is a metaphor that evokes the current music scene in Sicily: in the name of survival…


The poetics developed by the Oi Dipnoi trio were born out of the meeting between tradition and innovation: one enriches the other in a constant dialogue in which the assets of the musical culture of the island are given new value. An inheritance from Valerio Cairone, a multi-instrumentalist who collected the melodies of the region. The protagonists of this heritage were shepherds, farmers, carters, a universe that was well explored by famous writers in Sicily at the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth centuries. Thus the creation of an original repertoire in which the themes are developed and sustained by the diatonic accordion, supported by the Nakaira rhythmic section, with percussion and double bass by Mario Gulisano and Marco Carnemolla. The result is a new sound full of personality, thanks to a charming and light fusion with elements of jazz and progressive archaic folk.

The trio, formed in 2013, has already performed successfully several times following their debut at important folk festivals in Italy and Europe, such as Adriatico Mediterraneo in Ancona, Zampognarea and Musicamilo in Sicily, Nádasdy Folk festival in Sarvar and Babel Sound in Balatonlelle, Hungary in 2013. In the following year the trio toured Italy and Hungary again and recorded their first studio album in November in Hungary under the title “Bastrika”, which was released in April 2015 by NarRator Records. There are also two special guests on the record, Dániel and Vilmos Gryllus of Kaláka, the most famous and long-established folk group in Hungary. Later in 2015, the trio took part in the Festival I ART, producing the show “Etnafjord” together with the Swedish female singers quartet Kraja. Afterwards they performed at the Kaláka Folk festival in Eger, Hungary, Frazzanò Folk festival, Meltin'folk, in Sicily, Paesaggi Acustici in Corropoli, Italy and the Epidaurus Festival in Cavtat, Croatia.

In their second album “Pontos”, released in January 2018, they draw deeply from the wells of tradition while creating a new sound full of personality. Special guests on the track “Suez” the Swedish female quartet “Kraja" on vocals and the string arrangement by "Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards" form US.


"Musique des profondeurs" 

-       Festival Les Traversées Tatihou (France)


“Idee che rappresentano, in modo mai pedissequo, le tradizioni musicali siciliane”

-       Blogfoolk magazine (Italia)


“The skipping Sicilian rhythms of accordion-driven folk"

-       Rod Vervest, artistic director Fairbridge Folk Festival (Australia)


“Moderni, respirando tradizione”

-      Il Globo magazine (Melbourne, AU)

Valerio Cairone






Marco Carnemolla

fretless bass



Mario Gulisano


jew's harp





Technical rider

Mario (percussion)

1 monitor

1 Mic AKG 418 – Cajon

1 Mic Sure Beta58 – Jew’s harp/vocal

1 Mic Sure SM57 – Dumbek

1 Mic Sure Beta98H – Bodhràn


Valerio (accordion)

1 monitor

2 Mic AKG 419 (L/R) – Accordion

1 Mic Sure Beta58 – Bagpipe/vocal


Marco (bass)

1 monitor

1 Bass amp.

1 Line – Bass

1 Mic Sure SM58 – Vocal


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© NarRator Records 2015

Oi Dipnoi / Bastrika — Autunno

Oi Dipnoi / Bastrika — Vorrei volare

Oi Dipnoi / Bastrika — Tripnoi

1. Marsala (3’30)

2. Monsoni (4’36)

3. Autunno (4’52)

4. Dipnoi (4’11)

5. Clarence (4’48)

6. Vorrei Volare (4’57)

7. Balaton Tánc (3’24)

8. Etna (4’51)

9. Tarantella Del Vento / Abballu (3’46)

10. Meditazione (2’14)

11. Dodici Bassi (3’03)

12. Polline (2’42)

13. Tripnoi (3’49)

14. Danzancia (7’15)

15. Tempus Fugit (2’15)


All music composed by V. Cairone, except:

Vorrei volare (lyrics trad / music V. Cairone, M. Carnemolla, M. Gulisano) Abballu (V. Cairone, M. Carnemolla, M. Gulisano) Tempus fugit (V. Cairone, M. Carnemolla, D. Gryllus, V. Gryllus, M. Gulisano)

All rights reserved © 2015 NarRator Records Kft — PRS / SIAE / ARTISJUS



Jan 16-27 - tour in Chile (tba)

Feb 2 - Taormina, Casamatta (IT)

May 13/20 -  tour in Korea (tba)



Jan 1 - Brisbane, Woodford Folk Festival (AUS)

Jan 6 - Sandgate, Music by the Sea (AUS)

Jan 10 -  Melbourne, Open Studio (AUS)

Jan 12/14 - Tasmania, Cygnet Folk Festival (AUS)

Jan 17 - Sydney, Django Bar (AUS)

Jan 18/21 - Wollongong, Illawarra Folk Festival (AUS)

Jan 19 - Sydney, Istituto Italiano di Cultura (AUS)

Jan 28 - Catania, Ostello (IT)

Feb 9 - Udaipur World Music Festival (India)

Feb 10 - New Delhi, Italian Embassy Cultural Centre (India)

Feb 23 - Palermo, Cantieri Culturali (IT)

Feb 25 - Catania, Ostello (IT)

Mar  9/12 - Port Fairy Folk Festival (AUS)

Mar 14 - Melbourne, Spotted Mallard (AUS)

Mar 15 - Melbourne, Istituto Italiano di Cultura (AUS)

Apr 21 - Napoli, Train de Vie (IT)

Apr 22 - Grottaglie, ArmoniE di Primavera (IT)

May 19 - Catania, Street Food Fest (IT)

May 24/27 - Whitby, The Great North Folk Festival (UK)

June 22 - Belgrade, Dev9t festival (RS)

June 23 -  Palić, Etnofest (RS)

June 24 -  Balatonboglár (HU)

June 25 - Szeged, Jazz Kocsma (HU)

June 26 - Kecskemet, Valentino (HU)

June 27 - Budapest, Szimpla Kert (HU)

June 28 - Garáb, Tű fokán fesztivál (HU)

July 17 - Balatonboglár, Babel Sound Fesztival (HU)

July 31 - Catania, Alkantarafest (IT) 

Sept 7 - Favignana, Musica Ribelle (IT)

Sep 29 - Catania (private event) IT

Oct 24/28 - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Womex

Dec 21 - Catania, Zampognarea (IT)


Apr 6 - Melbourne, Coasit - Museo Italiano (AUS)
Apr 7 - Melbourne, Istituto Italiano di Cultura (AUS)
Apr 8 - Brisbane,  Magda Community Artz   (AUS)

Apr 9 - Melbourne, Piers Festival (AUS)

Apr 11 - Melbourne, Open Studio (AUS)
Apr 13/17 - Canberra, The National Folk Festival (AUS)

Apr 19 - Sydney, Django Bar (AUS)
Apr 20 - Sydney, Istituto Italiano di Cultura (AUS)
Apr 21/23 - Perth, Fairbridge Folk Festival (AUS)

Apr 23 - Perth, Dante Alighieri Society WA (AUS)

Apr 24 - Perth, Fairbridge Folk Festival (AUS)

May 19 - Budapest, Fonó (HUN)

May 23 - Catania, Centro ZO (ITA)

July 16 - Nagymaros, Nomad Bar (HUN)

July 18 - Balatonboglár, Babel Sound Fesztival (HUN)

July 19 - Budapest, Szimpla Kert (HUN)

Aug 16 - Saint-Vaast-La-Hougue, Les Traversées Tatihou (FRA)

 Aug 18 - Paris, La Bellevilloise (FRA)

Sept 10 - Catania, Sicily Folk Festival (ITA)

Nov 26 - Catania, Ostello (ITA)

Dec 19 - Catania, Zampognarea (ITA)

Dec 23 - Catania, Gammazita (ITA)

Dec 27/31 - Brisbane, Woodford Folk Festival (AUS)



February 20, Zo Centro Culture Contemporanee, Catania (IT)

March 5, Auditorium Rai Sicilia, Palermo (IT)

March 26, Garden Of The Beloved, Misterbianco, Catania (IT)

April 22, Touring Catania (IT)

May 7, Jazz & Dintorni, Sant'Agata Li Battiati, Catania (IT)

May 12, private - IPM Bicocca, Catania (IT)

June 4, Fonó, Budapest (HU) - guests w/Nakaira (IT/GR)

June 9, Corte dei medici, Catania (IT)

June 22, Alkantara fest - Catania, castello Ursino (IT) - guest w/Les Poules à Colin (CAN)

July 3, Festa della birra, Hotel Biancaneve, Nicolosi, Catania (IT)

July 6, Csipero festival, Kecskemét (HU)

July 7, Kulturmüvek, Lakitelek (HU)

July 8, private - Kecskemét (HU)

July 22, Babel Sound, Balatonboglar (HU) - guests w/Korrontzi (SP)

July 23, Lajosmizse (HU)

July 24, Babel Sound, Balatonboglar (HU)

July 30, private - Randazzo, Catania (IT)

August 11, La casa del poeta, Milo (IT)
August 21, Piedimonte etneo (IT)
September 3, Gazebo Farkas, Santa Venerina (IT)

November 22-27, Tepantar Mela Festival, Baitanik (IND)

December 4, Sicily Folk Fest (IT)

December 18, Lipari (IT)



June 24 - Siracusa, Moon (IT)

June 27 - Balatonboglar (HU)

June 28 - Eger, Kaláka festival (HU)

June 29 - Kecskemét, Valentino Kavehaz (HU)

June 30 - Budapest, Szimpla Kert (HU)

July 1 - Szeged, Középfölde (HU)

July 2 - Budapest, Kertem (HU)

July 4 - Letojanni, Alkantara Fest (IT)

July 10 - Street Fest Hemingway Caffè Letterario, Modica (IT)

July 12 - Catania, Read and Drink (IT)

July 14 - Favignana (TP), I ART festival (IT)

July 15 - Selinunte (TP), I ART festival (IT)

July 16 - Ragusa Ibla, I ART festival (IT)

July 17 - Catania, I-Art festival (IT)

July 22 - Frazzanó Folk Fest (IT)

Aug 21 - Corropoli, Paesaggi Acustici folk festival (IT)

Aug 23 - Milo, Musicamilo (IT)

Sep 9 - Cavtat, Epidaurus festival (HK)

Dec 28 - Catania, Meltin'folk festival (IT)